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Jen & Ben - Malborough, Wiltshire

“Choosing James as our videographer was hands down the best decision we made for our wedding. We never intended to have a videographer at all until we met him, but the sample videos that he showed us were so touching they really stole our hearts. Not only this but James is such a genuine, devoted and personable man that the whole experience of working with him from before we’d even made the decision to hiring him was an honour.

The level of customer service James provides is second to none, we have not experienced anyone else like him in the wedding business. Nothing was too much trouble and he often showed great interest in our wedding details, even visiting the church and reception venue beforehand. His enthusiasm shines through in our wedding video, which is so personal and unique, it captures the themes of our day perfectly and the footage that he caught and put together was priceless, often hilarious and very moving. He has a truly special talent.

It is a privilege to have worked with James and he has given us a gift that we will treasure forever. We enjoyed our wedding photos, but having this video is something else entirely. We cannot express enough how special it is to see ourselves beaming at each other down the aisle, enjoy the sight of our friends and family laughing together and hearing those amazing speeches again! And knowing that we can re-live it again and again in the years to come, inviting our future children and grandchildren to be guests at our wedding!”

Jen, Ben & James

Hazel & Josh - Dodmoor House, Northamptonshire

“Trying to find the words to encompass the gift that James has given us has been so difficult as perfect and amazing don’t seem to quite cover it. I don’t want to think about how many long hours the editing took as it’s absolutely flawless and the music you managed to blend in perfectly to capture the mood (Don’t Worry Be Happy over a very nervous looking groom, priceless!!)

Thank you so much for giving us the perfect way to re-live our special day. The film is everything we could have ever wanted. For someone who we hardly noticed when you were filming, you managed to capture every moment and all the feeling of the day.

To all of you reading this review. We were like you, thinking of forgoing an official videographer. A few people in the family had their own camera, which will be ok right??
Well on your wedding day you don’t settle for ok so why would you want to settle on something you will look back on again and again.
I can promise you (as can all the other people that have given James 5 stars) that you wont regret spending the extra money on a person like James for a second. He obviously loves his work and will go out of his way to make sure the ’Feature Film’ (because that’s what you will get instead of just ok ) of your special day is perfect, magical and reduces you to tears with every watch

After our wedding day my wife has kept on insisting on doing the whole thing again, now thanks to James we can in all its HD glory.

Thank you so much again James. Any time we hear of any couple getting engaged our first words will be: “have you thought about a videographer? Because we know someone amazing.”
All the best in the future, Josh and Hazel”

Hannah & Jonathon - Salisbury, Wiltshire

“We can’t thank James enough for all he did to create our wedding video. After our initial meeting we could tell James would be a valuable addition to our wedding day. He was able to show us examples of his work and explained fully what he could offer to capture our day.

During the wedding day we hardly noticed that James and his colleague were there, they were so discreet and professional and videoed for about 10 hours!

The highlights video was completed first and we were taken aback at how amazing it was, the content and quality were perfect and portrayed a lovely and emotional summary of our special day.

It wasn’t long until the main video was complete, James refers to this as the feature film and this is a perfect description. The quality again is stunning and it is all set to music selected by us. James included some special features including the conga which was led by our 5 year old niece which is a lovely addition that all the family enjoy.

We can honestly say we have watched our videos hundreds of times with family and friends and they give us that exciting stomach flip feeling every time!! We are overwhelmed at how perfect our videos are and we will treasure them forever.

Thank you James for giving us the ability to re-live our wedding day whenever we want!!”

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